Centerpiece floral arrangement with red gladiolus and white snapdragons

Who is Terrace Hill Design?

Terrace Hill is the premier custom floral design company based in Lexington, KY. We serve the region with arrangements ranging from simple elegance to bold extravagance for special events like weddings and banquets. Set up a consultation with us and let us show you why custom designs are the way to go for your special occasion. We welcome you to browse our site to get to know us.  Our portfolio includes pictures of past arrangements.  Read the biography page to learn more about the lead designer, Michael Carroll.

What makes custom floral designs different from other florists?

We only sell custom floral arrangements based on the individual needs of our customers.  Why is this unique?  The convenience of internet ordering has revolutionized the floral industry over the past few decades.  The impact has been a transformation in how florists interact with their customers. First, national floral delivery services have become a necessity for florists requiring a large volume of customers.  These services allow customers in any part of the nation to order an arrangement and have it delivered quickly.  These national floral hotlines then call local florists, and that local shop fills the order and delivers it.  It is a win/win for both customers and florists, as customers get quick arrangements, and florists receive a steady stream of orders.  Another benefit for local florists is that they can then sell arrangements from these national floral services on their website.  In fact, if you go to many local florists' websites, you'll often see many of the same arrangements for sale.  This is because the arrangements are designed by the national floral delivery service, and the local florist reproduces them using a recipe.  Although this system works for many customers seeking a nice arrangement for some occasions, we specialize in custom floral arrangements for events like weddings and banquets.

When are custom floral arrangements preferable to floral recipes?

Bouquet with Red and White RosesMany times, we want arrangements especially designed with our preferences in mind.  At wedding ceremonies and events like banquets, we often have a specific idea in mind for how we want to set the mood.  Custom centerpieces, bouquets, boutineers, and other floral arrangements can ensure that each arrangement is made with your special event in mind.  At other times, we wish to show our appreciation or love for someone with a one-of-a-kind arrangement including their favorite flowers.  Anniversaries and other such occasions are perfect for a custom floral arrangement.

Why do I need to schedule a consultation?

Small Guestbook Arrangement
The first step in any creative venture is determining what the vision is. While I am an experienced florist with the ability to make arrangements for most any occasion, beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder (or in your case, the customer)! For most events, we have three consultations. First, we meet so that I can hear about what you want from our partnership. Feel free to bring any notes, pictures, songs, whatever inspires you to this first consultation. At the next meeting, I offer a proposal for the arrangements including sketches and a budget. This is a great time to offer feedback including "I just don't like..." Nothing has been set in stone at this point, and you deserve exactly what you want. Finally, at the third consultation, I will show you a real arrangement based on our previous consultations. This is the best chance to make any adjustments after seeing the overall design. We often are questioned about the necessity of consultations, and our response is usually, "Would you buy a wedding dress off the rack without trying it on? Once you try it on, would you not have it adjusted to fit you perfectly?" Even the most beautifully executed floral arrangements can "not fit" when the are not made for the customer.

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Red and White Rose Bouquet with Green Accents